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    Waterborne silicone series


    Product Details

    Features: KY-E1190 is a pure alkaryl polysiloxane emulsifiable concentrate. It contains a special emulsifier and the active ingredient content is as high as 95%. When using it, you only need to search for the appropriate dilution method to obtain a stable emulsion with a concentration below 60%. It is a die-casting release agent material especially suitable for intermediaries, saving users the trouble of choosing emulsifiers. The diluted emulsion can be used alone or compounded with other wax liquids for die-casting release agents.

    Uses: It can be used as a release agent or base material for high-temperature die-casting of aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys. It has the excellent properties of high temperature resistance, no carbonization, no staining of molds, no residue, and no blackening of cast products. This product can also be used in other demolding industries, and the surface of the demolded product does not affect the subsequent electroplating, printing, and bonding processing.

    95%水性耐高温脱模剂(离型剂) 不碳化 KX-E1190 凯迅


    外观 浅黄色半透明油状液体 固含量 ≥95% PH值 中性
    溶解性 水性脱模剂 主要用途 压铸脱模剂 使用方法 外脱模剂
    型号 KX-E1190 品牌 凯迅 包装规格 50kg、200kg/桶