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    Waterborne silicone series

    Water-based rubber plastic mold release agent 40% anionic emulsion KX-495 Kai Xun

    Product Detail

    Features: KX495 is a 40% anionic emulsion of high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane. Function equivalent to Dow Corning HV495 and more economical

    1. Excellent emulsion stability

    2. Simple application

    3. Good sliding characteristics

    4. Excellent dilution stability

    5. Higher gloss/chroma

    6. Good surface wetting properties


    1. Industrial de-moulding and car and furniture care

    2. Release of rubber products (such as shoe soles, tires, rubber tubes, rubber conveyor belts, O-rings, etc.)

    3. Demoulding of plastic products

    4. Resin material release

    5. Wear-resistant slip agent for water-based paint and ink system

    Usage and dosage: Dilute with water before use. It is recommended to conduct a small-scale test first to determine the appropriate dilution ratio. Before using the release agent, the mould should be cleaned. KY-495 remaining on the surface of the mould can be removed with a cleaning agent or solvent.

    水性橡胶塑料脱模剂离型剂 40%阴离子乳液 KX-495 凯迅


    外观: 乳白色液体 有机硅含量: 40% 内相粘度(mm2/s): 10-20万
    PH值: 6-8 合适的稀释剂: 乳化剂类型: 阴离子
    型号: ?KX-495 品牌: 凯迅 包装规格: 50kg、200kg/桶