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    Waterborne silicone series


    Product Details

    Features: KX-1130F is a compound emulsion based on polyalkylarylsiloxane. It contains a variety of special high-quality additives, which can make it adhere to the mold surface and provide excellent wetting ability. Compared with pure polyalkylarylsiloxane emulsion, it has better release extreme pressure resistance and high-temperature oxidation resistance, and has a higher dilution ratio, and has high temperature (300 ~ 350 ℃) isolation, anti-sticking and lubricity.

    Uses: As a high-temperature mold release agent for aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy, it is resistant to high temperature, does not carbonize, does not pollute the mold, has no residue, and the removed castings are white and bright without blackening. At the same time, the surface of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy products demolded with this product does not affect the subsequent electroplating, printing, and bonding processing

    Usage and dosage: Dilute with 100~300 times of water before use and spray on the surface of the mold with a compression spray gun. The specific dilution ratio depends on the die casting. The user should do an experiment to determine the dilution ratio in advance.

    水性铝镁合金压铸脱模剂 可直接稀释使用 KX-1130F凯迅


    外观 乳白色液体 活性粉 30%±2% PH值 中性
    溶解性 水性脱模剂 用途等级 压铸脱模剂 主要用途 压铸脱模剂
    型号 ?KX-1130F 品牌 凯迅 包装规格 50kg、200kg/桶