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    Waterborne Resin/ leather surface treatment agent

    Garment leather waxy fog hot brightening treatment agent, good hot brightening effect, strong waxy feeling DT057

    Product Detail

    Features: This product is a surface finishing agent for clothing leather, a waxy, fogging, and brightening treatment agent for clothing leather. After treatment, it has a good brightening effect and strong waxiness.

    Purpose: Suitable for post-treatment of garment leather, after treatment, it has good hot and bright effect and strong wax feeling.

    Operation items: 100 mesh or 120 mesh can be processed once or twice

    蜡感雾烫亮处理剂 服装革表处剂DT057


    外观 微黄不透明液体 固含量(%) 18±1 溶剂组成: IPA/MEK/TOL
    主要用途 服装革蜡感雾烫亮处理剂 可售卖地 全国 粘度(mPa.s? 25℃): /
    型号: DT-057 品牌: 凯迅 包装规格: 18kg、180kg/桶