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    Waterborne Resin/ leather surface treatment agent

    Garment leather treatment agent, strong color development KY008

    Product Detail

    Features: This product is a special polymer resin with a special oily feel and a special blackness.

    Purpose: Suitable for post-processing of clothing leather. Strong color development, can make black blacker and color brighter. Fog wash bright, the leather is made into clothing or luggage, and the washed friction part becomes bright, which is in sharp contrast with the special fog at the bottom of the ditch.

    KY008 皮革处理剂 雾洗亮处理剂


    外观 微黄不透明液体 固含量(%) 20±1 溶剂组成 BAC/EAC
    主要用途 使皮革黑色更黑,彩色更艳 可售卖地 全国 / /
    型号: KY-008 品牌: 凯迅 包装规格: 18kg、180kg/桶