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    2020H&M water-based leather products debut

    In 2020, H&M, which has always paid attention to environmental protection, launched water-based leather made of water-based polyurethane-H&M’s new Conscious series will feature vegan leather Vegea made of water-based leather.

    Water-based leather


    H&M mainly promotes environmentally friendly water-based leather (replaces organic solvents with water, no pollution in the production process, does not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF, zero VOC emissions, and green) to replace animal skins. By using this technology, it can be converted into nearly 33 billion square feet of leather every year for use in the fashion, furniture and automotive industries.


    At the same time, H&M also introduced vegan leather made from wine residue, which will feature Vegea made from Italian wine residue.


    In 2017, Vegea won the H&M Global Transformation Award for its innovative wine residue leather. In addition, H&M recycled coffee grounds from its Chinese office to make new dyes, and plans to use 100% recyclable and sustainable materials by 2030. H&M Sustainability Manager Pascal Brun said: “In the future, we will need to use more sustainable materials and waste to create H&M’s series of products. Starting from 2020, we need to upgrade to the concept of recycling, not just the material, but also How to design durable and recyclable clothes, and how to allow customers to practice more sustainable behavior. This is a comprehensive approach.”


    In 2019, the H&M Conscious Exclusive environmental protection series uses other innovative pure materials, including leather made of pineapple leaves and silk threads made of citrus, and water-based leather made of water-based polyurethane.


    2020H&M Vegan Leather


    H&M has been paying attention to the ecology of the earth. They actively study how to create beautiful fashion and protect the earth. H&M once launched a revolutionary new breakthrough. The new Conscious Exclusive series uses sustainable materials BIONIC to create a series of dreamy and beautiful clothing. BIONIC is a polyester fiber made from recycled coastal waste. The soft fabric texture can make delicate Pleated dress long skirt.


    2020H&M Vegan Leather


    Exquisite and elegant, elegant and translucent pink pleated dress long skirt is completely made of recycled coastal waste. Each piece demonstrates the plasticity of sustainable materials, creating a new breakthrough for sustainable development projects and the fashion industry. .


    H&M also found supermodel and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova as the spokesperson for this series. Natalia said: “I am very proud to be able to participate in this shooting. Because this time using advanced sustainable fabrics, leading the fashion trend In the future of continuous development, this initiative is very exciting!”