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    【Water-based leather】 Big data analysis of men’s shoes in the first quarter of 2020

    Ranking of brand views in the first quarter

    Judging from the number of men’s shoe brands TOP20 in the first quarter, the two major brands, Du Jiabanna and Philipp Plein, which were boycotted by the country last year, still occupy the main position; followed by the international big names Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, launched in recent times The style is quite concerned and welcomed by domestic customers.


    Among the men’s shoes styles counted in the first quarter, the color with the highest proportion is still the versatile black and white series. Since entering the spring and summer seasons, the basic color series is more white and gray; at the same time, the proportion of the green series begins to increase. Add some trendy lake blue series, flame red, etc., and the color system used for matching is still bright orange, fluorescent color, lemon yellow, etc.

    Style proportion

    In the first quarter of 2020, the proportion of men’s shoes is mainly single shoes, and sports shoes occupy an important position, followed by boots, slippers and sandals. Compared with the first quarter of the same period in 2019, the domestic market was affected by the epidemic in 2020, and more attention was paid to slippers and sandals, and the attention of boots decreased compared with last year.


    Style TOP 10

    Among the TOP 10 men’s shoes in the first quarter, the most popular and ranked first is the casual running shoes of the domestic brand DIEOMVSI. The off-white design embellished with orange-yellow is suitable for the spring and summer season. In TOP 10, the major international brands include PRADA, Christian Dior, and Versace, among which domestic designer brand Norvincy’s shoes are also highly concerned.

    2020男鞋大数据分析 WX20200525-110406 2020男鞋大数据分析

    The functional protection design redefines deconstructionism, and the hard-core protection design of armor sense adds street culture to shoes. The key points can refer to Juun.J and Balenciaga. The upper uses high-saturation colors combined with rubber texture materials; HIDEJACK and Rombaut add protection devices to the heel or sole.

    Key color

    Brilliant Blue

    Bright blue is an extension of this year’s annual color classic blue, which is more suitable for spring and summer colors. It can be used for the whole or part of the upper and is commonly used with white and black. Balenciaga’s blue sports sandals are also the highlight of this season.


    Key elements

    The use of buckle elements also brings a sense of futurism, and the shape of the buckle has begun to become more diversified. For example, the Rombaut brand is more innovative; the use of the buckle in the shoe shape is also not limited. , Can add this element, increase contrast in color or bright color design, more eye-catching.


    Focus sole

    Embedded rubber

    Eco-friendly waterbased leather The rubber material with colorful texture is inlaid in the shoe position to form a mesh line effect, such as Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. The embedded rubber color can echo the color of the inner color or the details of the upper.

    Key brands

    In addition to the usual graffiti style in the past, Vetements and Reebok’s joint series also select shoes with professional running shoe outlines as the keynote, injecting Vetements’ unique subcultural colorful style, and reconfiguring the inherent fluorescent color system to neutralize The original Dad Shoe color is added.