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    【Water-based leather】-20/21 autumn and winter women’s shoes single product trend

    Sweet tide military boots design ideas-20/21 autumn and winter women’s shoes single product trend

    The handsome and easy-going military boots directly hit the bullseye popular in autumn and winter;

    The rugged toughness and sweet elegance displayed have a delicate balance.

    Representative brand

    The classic luxury brand Louis Vuitton has never fallen behind in the development of military boots and shoes, and even led the trend of military boots design; thick bottom shape or high boot body, LV has everything. It can also be seen from this that the military boots market will always have a place so that major brands will produce military boots every year.




    Fabric development

    The cool shape of military boots, matching open beads, or cowhide is the most classic basic choice. With the changing trend of clothing materials, shoes as accessories have more choices in materials; consumers no longer blindly Pursuing genuine leather materials, many new materials or popular fabric materials are also increasingly accepted. Such as?water-based PU leather, environmentally friendly recycled leather, water-based microfiber, etc.




    Substrate expansion:

    In the case of no major changes in the shape of the shoes, the choice of the substrate has become the design focus; with the progress of technology and materials, the material of the substrate has also begun to change, and the color selection is no longer single, becoming more and more abundant.



    The thick bottom gives a unique and charming punk charm to the single product; the progress of the process provides more and more trendy matching options for the color of the substrate. The transparent bottom gives visual lightness and transparency. The color of the outsole can already follow The upper is completely matched and unified, no longer will be entangled because of the choice of black or white.

    Decoration development

    The decoration of classic military boots is tough and cool, but with the continuous change of popular trends, after the transformation of materials and shapes of military boots, accessories have become more and more colorful, no longer limited to simple metal decoration.

    Three-dimensional decoration, pearl decoration, metal decoration



    Exquisite and mature feminine diamond ornaments, paired with tough military boots and shoes, blend the trend and sense of value together; the fur with a warm effect in autumn and winter, properly revealing the boot, not only increases the feeling of warmth, but also It has a decorative effect; the hollowing process and the replacement of ornaments make the shoes as a single item with decorative significance.