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    Come to the scene to participate in the feast of water-based technology!

    With the effective control of the domestic epidemic, the domestic economy is gradually recovering.


    In the months of the epidemic, all kinds of exhibitions and conferences have been suspended, so unprecedented spectacles have appeared, and various live broadcasts have frequently swept the screen! In order to participate in various conferences and watch various live broadcasts, although people in various industries do not travel everywhere like before, they are also overwhelmed by various live broadcasts! Sometimes three or four screens are needed to watch various live broadcasts. Not only the mobile phone is enough, but it is especially brain-burning!

    Although the live broadcast is good, face-to-face communication is irreplaceable. Live broadcast is an emergency plan for offline activities at a critical moment after all, although it is not ruled out that there will be more and more short live broadcasts in the future.

    Although the domestic epidemic situation has not ended, and the epidemic situation abroad does not seem to see the end, but as academician Zhong Nanshan said, the school cannot always stay open! Economic activities cannot always be restricted! As long as all aspects of epidemic prevention work are done well. As a result, the timing of the two sessions of the State Council was determined.

    More importantly, the first exhibition after the epidemic was actually held on April 30 in Changsha, Hunan, and was successfully held! The significance of the exhibition is so great that the news made the headlines of the global exhibition magazine “Exhibition World”!

    The official website of the well-known British “Exhibition World” magazine (also the official UFI magazine) reported on May 6 (May 7, Beijing time) that the German government and 16 states have agreed to move professional exhibitions from “large” In the event of being removed from the list of “Assemblies,” it can be resumed in principle under the premise of strict health and safety assurance.

    Domestically, Guangdong and Shanghai are identical, both announced on May 8 that from 0:00 on May 9, they will adjust the secondary response to major public health emergencies to tertiary response, and implement prevention and control measures in accordance with relevant technical guidelines. Under the premise, various conferences and exhibitions will be opened through appointments and current restrictions.

    Against this background, the June Hefei Waterborne Activity Week (June 8-11), organized by Fogg Media’s “Waterborne New Materials” magazine and a large waterborne platform, will come to fruition!

    The event included the 3rd Waterborne Emulsion / Dispersion Technology Development Forum and Waterborne Auxiliary Training Conference. Currently more than 360 people have signed up! It also brought together more than one hundred paint, ink, and adhesive companies such as Nippon, Sankeshu, Dongfang Yuhong, Dulwich, Jinlitai, Feilu, as well as Dow, Zhanxin, Evonik, Covestro, Angkor, and Xian Waterborne resin and auxiliary enterprises at home and abroad such as Chuang, Bike, Wanhua, Baolijia, and Xinguang.

    Starting from the core technology of water-based products and the synthesis and application of water-based resins and water-based additives, this event invited leading companies at home and abroad to share cutting-edge new technologies of water-based acrylic, water-based polyurethane, water-based epoxy, and water-based additives.

    In terms of waterborne acrylic technology, it gathers eight themes;

    In the aspect of waterborne polyurethane technology, four major themes are gathered;

    In terms of waterborne epoxy technology, there are three main themes.

    In addition, it also involves themes such as bio-based resin, water-based polyester, water-based leather, silicone emulsion.

    The chief engineer of Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. carrying water-based polymer technology will visit the site to discuss more knowledge about water-based leather and water-based polyurethane resin with various professionals.