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    How to maintain water-based leather

    How to maintain water-based leather? The following are common types of water-based leather maintenance methods.

    1. Coating skin: 90% of all kinds of skin have many problems when there is no surface coating, such as rough pores, uneven skin surface, scars and so on. If we want to turn it into leather with use value, we should beautify it with various technology, and use pigment paste, dye and film-forming agent to finish. Finishing can give leather a special optical effect. This kind of leather is called finishing leather. Leather shoes made of coated leather or decorated leather shoes are called coated leather shoes. Coating leather does not mean low-grade leather. Many kinds of shoes must use coating leather to meet the physical conditions required by the shoe itself, such as wear-resistant, water-resistant and so on.

    2. Buffing effect leather: discard part of the finishing or yin-yang surface in the middle coat, and then finish the cover. The leather shoes made of polished effect leather can be repeatedly decorated, and the cleaning and maintenance are simple and convenient.

    3. Embossed two-color effect leather: the semi-finished leather after middle coating is mechanically pressed into a set pattern, and then the cover and facing are made. The repeated decoration of leather shoes made of embossed bicolor effect leather should pay attention to methods, and the colorless leather beauty cream or colorless shoe cream should be used for wiping and maintenance.

    4. Archaize effect leather: after the middle coating is not fully penetrated, part of the dark pattern is always painted to imitate the archaize color, and then the cover and finish are made. Leather shoes made of antique effect leather can be decorated repeatedly, do not damage the pattern, and wipe and maintain normally.

    5. Buffing effect leather: it can also be called buffing leather. It is painted with light color on the bottom and sprayed with darker color on the surface. It can produce beautiful two-color effect after being wiped off or rubbed by cloth wheel according to special needs, and then make cover and finish. It can also be called fancy leather. The maintenance of this kind of shoes can be done with primary color or colorless leather beauty cream.

    6. Tortoise crack effect leather: it is considered to be the effect of pulling out the original film and modifying it again by applying the original film and using mechanical force. Leather shoes made of tortoise crack effect leather can be modified repeatedly without damaging the lines. The original shoe color or colorless leather beauty cream can be used for maintenance.

    7. Stone effect leather: the embossed leather can grind off the coating layer of the raised part through fine sand, expose the background color, and then paint the bright feel agent. The original shoe color or colorless leather beauty cream can be used for maintenance.

    8、 Metal effect leather: metal powder is added to the effect layer to make the finished leather shine golden under the light. The leather shoes made of metal effect leather are called metal effect leather shoes, which can be repeatedly modified and normally cared and maintained.

    9. Oil skin: also known as “chameleon”, this kind of skin will become lighter once it is scraped or spread by hand, but it will return to normal after being smoothed by hand. It is characterized by oil feeling and greasiness. The raw materials for coating and coloring are chameleon oil and metal complex dyes. This skin has both aniline effect and cortex chameleon effect. It has strong moisture resistance, weak leather luster and good hand feel. It is necessary to pay attention to professional care. Most of the shoes made of this kind of oily leather are casual shoes, and the common colors are black, dark brown, coffee, etc.

    10. Waxing: the leather material is put on the cloth wheel of some synthetic wax for polishing, which can produce the scorching effect of discoloration.

    11. Beaded Leather: it is divided into Beaded Leather, milled leather and embossed leather according to the surface texture of leather. Milled leather and embossed leather belong to coating leather. In the aniline skin, there is no need for the fine grinding process, as long as the bottom layer

    涂饰cover with paint, lacquer, colour wash, etc; daub on a wall; whitewash
    皮子leather; skin; fur; hide
    皮面face; surface; leather facing; cuticle
    使用价值use; use value; utility
    运动鞋hiker shoes