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    Analysis of children’s shoes market of water-based synthetic leather

    Why the water-based synthetic leather is suitable for the children’s shoe market is based on two considerations


    1. The domestic children’s shoes market is in a golden development period.

    According to statistics, China currently accounts for about a quarter of the total population under the age of 16, and about 28 million newborns are born every year. The market has a scale of about 30 billion yuan. With the improvement of people ’s living standards, 40% of household expenditures are consumed by children, especially with the arrival of the fourth baby boom, the opening of the second child policy, and the extension of the growth of the new population Powerful factors, the superimposed 4 + 2 + 1 funnel-type family structure, delayed childbearing age, etc. bring more abundant parenting funds and other connotative powers. The prospects for China’s children’s shoes and children’s clothing market in the next decade are very promising.

    2. The health requirements of children’s shoes are stricter.

    Infants and children’s bones are in the growth and development period. Infants and children’s shoes companies need to pay more attention to the “health” indicators at the product function level. Consumption and environmental protection, we must balance safety and comfort. Healthy materials and safe details are the primary considerations for the baby shoes market, which is also the product characteristics of our Huaian Kaiyue technology water-based materials.

    The water-based synthetic leather does not contain formaldehyde, o-benzenes, azo, DMFa, DMFu, PAHs, APEO, PBA and other harmful chemical substances (VOC). The production process is pollution-free and environmentally friendly. Good hand feel, good wear resistance and scratch resistance.