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    What is sustainable fashion? Why promote water-based leather? What do the major international brands do?

    With today’s “Sustainable Development” (Sustainable Development) as the goal of all mankind, the fashion industry has been pushed to the cusp, and the brand is gradually looking for “green” innovation. From its unsustainable manufacturing methods to the waste of plastic flooding the ocean: long-term irresponsibility for the environment has caused the textile industry to face accusations from all parts of society. Nowadays, more and more brands consider the sustainable development of their supply chain and are actively exploring environmentally friendly production methods; here, from sunglasses made of marine debris to accessories for upgrading old sports shoes, Huaian The editor of Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. will focus on 5 sustainable fashion brands.

    In addition to refusing to use disposable plastics, reducing food waste, and saving energy, you may wish to start with your wardrobe and start buying environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion items.


    Today, as part of this Milan brand’s sustainable development and environmental protection efforts, in May this year Prada announced a total ban on fur and launched the “Re-Nylon” series of men’s and women’s bags made of recycled nylon. There is everything from handbags to luggage bags.




    Of course, there is a certain difference between nylon textured backpacks and leather textured backpacks. The use of recycled nylon must not be the final form of the fashion industry. The emergence of water-based leather, on the one hand, does not harm animals, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-polluting, on the other hand, it can fully meet the pursuit of fashion by luxury brands.


    02. Medina Swimwear

    The design of Medina Swimwear includes fashionable silver surf tops and beautiful cross shoulder straps. She prefers Ecoynl fiber provided by Carvico in Italy. This fiber is UV, chlorine, sun and oil resistant. More importantly, each season the brand donates 1% of the sales of each swimsuit to a non-profit organization dedicated to purifying the ocean.

    03. Salvatore Ferragamo

    Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo is committed to developing sustainable manufacturing solutions. Last summer, the company relaunched its environmentally friendly version of the famous 1938 rainbow sandal: for every 100 pairs of shoes sold, 100 trees were planted on the outskirts of Catania. “Sustainable Thinking” features a series of artwork and clothing designs created by artists and fashion designers, including Eileen Fisher, Christopher Raeburn and Saraceno, who focus on creativity and sustainable development and try to use old objects to upgrade organic material.

    04. FEIT

    The original intention of the New York-based FEIT brand was to oppose today’s mass production model. It is the first destination for shoe lovers looking for niche items. Every piece of FEIT is made by natural materials and hand-sewed by shoemakers from all over the world-no synthetic materials are used in the production process, providing a completely sustainable, natural shoe style. For example, organic latex soles with a translucent appearance are developed using long-term and complicated processes using the milk of rubber trees.

    05. Elliss

    In the spring and summer of 2019, Selfridges launched five new brands as part of its “Bright new Things” project. The project aims to promote sustainability and prove that environmental protection and ethics can also be synonymous with fashion design. Elliss is a London-based brand that was founded in 2016. It uses organic or recyclable cotton, hemp and bamboo to produce underwear, skirts and other clothing-these fabrics are as skin friendly as the earth. Designer and founder Elliss Solomon designed and manufactured retro, impactful print collages and soft-toned underwear in London, making women feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time.


    Each brand achieves sustainable development in its own way. Environmentally friendly water-based leather allows brands to pursue fashion while following environmental protection. It is the highest standard of synthetic leather.

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