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    New vitality of water-based leather PVC innovation creates new vitality of water-based leather

    Waterborne PU leather has developed to a considerable scale, but due to its disadvantages in performance and technology, its development has been limited in recent years. At present, the scope of application of Waterborne PU leather has been reduced.

    Crazy Horse water-based leather

    In 2013, the Guiding Catalogue of industrial structure adjustment (2011 version) issued by the national development and Reform Commission listed light industry PVC general artificial leather production line as a restricted category.

    However, the water-based PU leather keeps pace with the times and leads the R & D team to carry out reform and innovation on PVC in time. According to the market demand, it overcomes the shortcomings in product performance and technology. This measure not only holds the customers, but also provides the industry with the direction to move forward and creates a new vitality of water-based leather.