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    Is the water-based leather seat cover fully or half wrapped

    Many people like to buy a leather seat cover for their car, many of them will buy water-based leather seat cover. For water-based PU leather seat cover, is it better to buy a full package or a half package? Now Huaian Hyatt Technology Development Co., Ltd. will introduce how to choose the water-based PU leather seat cover.

    Water based PU leather seat cover

    1. Look at the material. If it’s a water-based PU leather seat, it’s a half bag. If it’s a cloth seat, it’s a full bag.

    2. According to the model, if the vehicle is equipped with side airbags, it is not recommended to choose full water-based PU leather seat covers. If there is no suggestion for the whole package type, the appearance is uniform, not easy to deform, and also convenient to take care of.

    3. The most important thing to choose the car seat cushion is to grasp the comfort degree. Among them, the healthy air bag (non car health air bag is a supporting part for back inflation) is the best. The healthy air bag of this material cushion will automatically adjust the position according to your body shape, provide a comfortable driving environment for the car owner, and let the car owner get rid of the pain of back pain caused by driving.

    4. When choosing car seat cushion, we must pay attention to its friction. Many people have the experience of escaping from the cushion when they encounter an emergency brake, which is caused by the insufficient friction of the purchased car seat cushion. Therefore, when choosing car seat cushion, we must choose a brand with enough friction to avoid body sliding, which is the need to ensure travel safety. 。

    5. When purchasing and selecting car cushions, we should also pay attention to the matching degree between the cushions and the car. Good horses should be equipped with saddles, and good cars should have good seats. Unsuitable car cushions not only affect the overall impression of the car, but also reflect the taste of the owner himself. No one wants to be called “big old and rough”. The overall color of the selected car water-based PU leather cushion should be consistent with the main tone of the whole interior color, focusing on At the same time of the owner’s preference, try to match harmoniously.