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    A major breakthrough in water-based leather

    People are increasingly aware of environmental protection. In 2017, Huai’an KaiYue Technology Development Co., Ltd. focused on the research of waterborne polyurethane resin technology, and developed water-based leather under the leadership of Hyatt Chief Engineer and technical service team.

    Replacing organic solvents with water, water-based leather is a surface layer of water-based polyurethane material, the middle layer is made of two groups of water-based foaming process, and the substrate is made of warp-knitted water-wet impregnation and fine processing to form a kind of high-tech synthetic leather imitation leather products. . Its product features are as follows:

    1, Excellent anti-wear and scratch resistance
    The abrasion and scratch resistance of water-based leather comes from the water-based top layer. The low viscosity of the water-based resin determines that the surface layer resin of the water-based synthetic leather can be highly solid-containing, and therefore the water-based synthetic leather generally has excellent anti-wear and scratch resistance. After the water-based top layer is combined with the foamed middle layer, the anti-wear and scratch resistance properties are multiplied. Therefore, the water-resistant leather is more than ten times more resistant to abrasion and scratch than the conventional solvent-based synthetic leather product.
    2, Excellent durability and hydrolysis resistance
    The durable hydrolysis resistance of water-based leather comes from the foamed layer. Compared with the traditional solvent-based wet Fabes, because the bass contains a large amount of supporting fillers, such as wood powder, calcium carbonate, kaolin and other organic and inorganic materials, such synthetic leather is easy to decompose and hydrolyze, and has poor durability and broken skin. The phenomenon is common. The water-based foam layer is entirely made of a polymer polyurethane material, so it has superior durability and hydrolysis resistance. The durable hydrolysis resistance of water-based leather is generally five to ten times stronger than that of ordinary solvent-based polyurethane synthetic leather.
    3, Excellent tear strength performance
    The level of tear strength is determined by the base fabric. For example, the base fabric of the sofa leather is generally 1.0-1.4mm thick, and the tear strength is greater than three kilograms. The thickness of the ordinary sofa leather fabric which reaches 1.0-1.4 thick is generally between 0.6 and 1.0. Therefore, the tear strength of Hyatt Waterborne Leather can be adjusted according to customer needs.
    4, Full of leather like the touch
    The water-based leather simulation leather feel comes from three aspects. The first is the same touch of water-based skin. Due to the unique hydrophilicity of the aqueous resin and the excellent elasticity after film formation, the surface of the synthetic leather product produced is more skin-feeling; the second is the skin feel of the aqueous foam layer. After the middle layer adopts the water solvent foaming process, the leather has a soft and elastic skin feeling; the third is that the leather-like substrate is similar to the collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the dermis. This trinity of tannery makes this product more leathery.
    5, All environmental protection ecological performance
    Water-based leather does not contain any organic solvents from the bottom to the surface. The product has no bad odor and is fully in line with EU environmental standards. Water-based leather green ecology, does not contain traditional PU resin isocyanate residue, good affinity for human body, is one of the most ecological products in synthetic leather products.
    The advent of water-based leather means that Huai’an KaiYue Technology Development Co., Ltd. has made a major breakthrough in the research of water-based ecological synthetic leather, and laid the foundation for future research and development.