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    Waterborne PU

    Waterborne PU replaces traditional organic solvents with water, and the production process is non-polluting and environmentally friendly. Waterborne PU leather does not contain harmful chemical such……


    Environmentally friendly synthetic innovation standards are issued, Hyatt science and technology strictly control the quality

    The synthetic leather industry belongs to the high pollution industry. In order to better build “beautiful China”, the pollutant emission standards of the industry need to be upgraded ur……


    Tai Niu! Successful Research and Development of “Zero Pollution” Environmental Protection Synthetic Leather in China

    Huai’an Hyatt Technology Development Co., Ltd. quoted relevant reports: Recently, in Zhejiang Lishui Frith New Material Research Institute announced that “zero pollution” new envir……


    What is waterborne PU resin?

    Waterborne PU resin, namely waterborne polyurethane resin, PU is the abbreviation of polyurethane in English. Waterborne PU resin is a kind of polyurethane system which uses water instead of organic……


    Characteristics and maintenance knowledge of Waterborne PU leather

    PU is the abbreviation of poly urethane in English, and its chemical Chinese name is polyurethane. Polyurethane leather has excellent properties. Overseas, due to the influence of Animal Protection ……


    For Eco-friendly, the PU synthetic leather process should be Waterborne PU

    PU synthetic leather has the characteristics of soft and natural luster, soft hand feeling and strong leather feeling. It is more and more used to make colourful and fashionable leather garments, le……


    Waterborne PU leather is what leather, do not say you certainly do not know

    Nowadays, when you buy bags online, you will often see that the material is PU, PU is polyurethane, and PU skin is the skin of polyurethane. Now garment manufacturers widely use this material to pro……


    Teach you how to maintain synthetic leather furniture correctly

    The properties of synthetic leather, wood, cotton and linen fabrics are different. High temperature, high humidity, low temperature, strong light, acid solution and alkali solution all have effects ……


    How to distinguish PU leather from genuine leather

    Leather, as a fashion element, is widely used in daily life. The more commonly used places are bags, clothes, sofas, etc. Garment PU leather There are two kinds of leather according to their sources……


    Application Method of Water-borne PU Adhesive for Shoes

    The application steps of waterborne PU shoe adhesives are as follows: A. glue adjustment (1) The density of waterborne PU adhesives is about 1.1g.cm-3. When stored for a long time, precipitation str……


    Which kind of water-borne silicon Pu is better than ordinary silicon pu?

    Today, the water-borne PU leather manufacturer’s knitting will give you a brief explanation of the differences between water-borne silicone PU materials and ordinary silicone PU materials. Wat……


    How about waterborne PU leather? Listen to the buyer

    The following is the feedback from customers of the Huaian Hyatt Technology Development Co., Ltd, which has purchased the waterborne PU leather: There are two small stools in my house, and I have so……


    Production Technology of Dry PU Leather and Wet PU Leather

    Waterborne PU leather is referred to as solvent-based synthetic leather (PU leather). To understand what waterborne synthetic leather is, we must first understand the classification and structure of……


    Is PU leather the same as genuine leather? What’s the difference?

    What is artificial leather? Artificial leather is a kind of mineral fiber which is classified as PU leather, synthetic leather and PVC artificial leather according to different raw materials. It is ……


    What is the difference between synthetic leather and artificial leather, which is better?

    What is the difference between synthetic leather and artificial leather, which is better? environmentally friendly synthetic leather can be roughly classified into two categories according to its ra……


    What’s the difference between waterborne PU leather and oily PU leather?

    Waterborne synthetic leather is referred to as solvent-based synthetic leather (PU leather). To find out what water-based PU leather is, we must first understand the classification and structure of ……


    What is environment-friendly synthetic leather?

    Environmental-friendly synthetic leather refers to synthetic leather which does not use any solvent and has zero environmental pollution. It also has tensile strength, elongation, flame retardancy, ……


    What is polyurethane synthetic leather?

    Polyurethane synthetic leather belongs to the category of polyurethane elastomer, which has the appearance of soft gloss, natural, soft handle and strong dermis feeling. It has excellent mechanical ……


    Introduction of Natural Leather and Synthetic Leather?

    The natural leather is mainly classified into pig leather, cow leather, sheep leather, horse leather, donkey leather and kangaroo leather, and a small amount of fish leather, reptile leather, amphib……


    How to maintain synthetic leather?

    Many shoes, handbags and cushions are now made of synthetic leather. This kind of artificial leather material is more durable and moist than traditional leather, and its maintenance is simpler. In a……