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    Non-toxic home improvement-water-based wallpaper

    Recently, I have always heard the concept of non-toxic home improvement. What exactly is a non-toxic home improvement? How can we achieve true non-toxic decoration? Non-toxic home improvement means ……


    Energy saving and emission reduction are sustainable, and water-based renewable materials have become the darlings of car companies!

    With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, consumers are no longer unfamiliar with the use of renewable materials, and they are more and more willing to accept renewable materials. N……


    Biodegradable leather and recycled leather

    Biodegradable leather A. What is biodegradable leather: Biodegradable leather refers to artificial leather and synthetic leather that are discarded after being used. They are degraded by assimilatio……


    Introduction to Leather 丨 Basic knowledge of artificial leather and synthetic leather

    Synthetic leather Waterborne PU/Water-based PU Dry method Wet method: ① embossing method, ② release paper Water-based PU uses water instead of organic solvents, and does not contain harmful chemi……


    Cloth Leather [Water-based PU Leather]

    Water-based PU leather Name of water-based PU leather is also called “water-based polyurethane”. Water-based PU leather uses water instead of organic solvents and does not contain harmf……


    DMF usage in synthetic leather industry will decrease by 25% in 2020

    The 2017 China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (Autumn) will be held in Shanghai on November 11-13, 2017. During the exhibition, a “Sustainability Zone” will be specially c……


    Waterborne paint hits, how to prepare technology

    “Water-based coatings manufacturers have sharpened their swords in ten years, and now it should come out.” Zhu Yanan, secretary general of the China Waterborne Wood Coatings Technology A……


    In-depth exploration of the current status and future of water-based resins

    Water-based polyurethane resin is the main component of water-based coatings, and pigments and fillers and related additives are added to the system to form water-based coatings. Water-based resin r……


    Preparation method of water-based PU synthetic leather semi-finished product

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in water-based PU leather, water-based polyurethane resin, water-based surface treatment agent, and silicone series prod……


    [Fashion News] Eco Echo, sustainable fashion vocal: With the theme of sustainable environmental protection.

    ECO stands for Ecology, Conservation and Optimization; ECHO has an echo meaning, and it also represents a wave of response that has stirred up thousands of layers to support environmental protection……


    [Fashion News] Environmentally friendly water-based leather perfectly matches sustainable fashion

    The women’s autumn / winter 2019 new product launch conference, through the “Design Fund Charity” and “Environmental Theme”, has two chapters, showing all major designe……


    Chanel announces no longer using special animal fur, focusing on water-based leather

    Driven by social and economic benefits, the implementation of sustainable fashion strategies has become the focus of the development of luxury brands. According to fashion business news, as LVMH and……


    [News] Our mother earth is sick, please be environmentally friendly

    Everyone yearns for the beauty of peace, but this is never simple. Syrians are trapped in a visible war, while people around the world are trapped in a battle without gun smoke, a battle for environ……


    Comparison of the effect of synthetic leather water-based and solvent polyurethane resin on the air quality of the workplace

    Comparison of the effect of synthetic leather water-based and solvent polyurethane resin on the air quality of the workplace With economic development, scientific and technological progress, and the……


    Water-based PU Leather-Green Revolution in Synthetic Leather Industry

    1: Background analysis of water-based PU leather market development (i) the plight of traditional oily PU leather With the improvement of the quality of social and human life and the increasingly st……


    What is a water-based leather surface treatment agent?

    Water-based leather surface treatment agent refers to a polymer system using water as a medium. Give the finished product a special feel, light sensitivity and functionality. For example, Waterborne……


    What are the challenges of sustainable development and fashion

    What challenges are facing sustainable development and fashion? The fashion industry is one of the largest, most dynamic and influential industries on the planet, generating more than 11.50 billion ……


    PRADA Group’s sustainable development strategy and water-based leather

    Core tip: In the UN’s 17 SDGs, Prada’s SDGs are a plan jointly signed by UN member states for a better and sustainable future for mankind and the planet. Sustainable development is a cor……


    Fast fashion leads the environmental protection boom- [Environment-friendly water-based leather]

    In the millennial concept, consumption is not just a shopping behavior, it also represents a personal attitude. What you wear, how you wear it, and how you wear it are a manifestation of a clearly e……


    (NCP) Analysis of the impact of this epidemic on the leather industry

    How will the epidemic of the new coronavirus (NCP) in 2020 affect the leather industry? The catering, hotel, tourism, entertainment, retail and other industries bear the brunt. One concern is spread……