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    What are the differences between PU leather products and microfiber leather

    Huaian Hyatt Technology Development Co., Ltd. shares how to distinguish the difference between PU leather products and microfiber leather: 1、 The difference in price. At present, the general price ……


    The 25th China (Wenzhou) International Leather Shoe Material and Shoe Machinery Exhibition was held in August as scheduled

    More than half of 2020 is coming, and the global pandemic of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic that has not been encountered in a hundred years has caused the world economy to fall into crisis. Al……


    Using the water-based decorative leather to pry the furniture decoration market

    Using the water-based decorative leather to pry the furniture decoration market ? ? ? ? ? ?With the economic development, the demand for home decoration increases year by year, and the market scal……


    Analysis of Automotive Interior Market of Waterborne Microfiber Synthetic Leather

    What is water-based microfiber and why choose water-based microfiber? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? For the leather industry, the raw material resources used to produce natural leather are limited, and the pro……


    Analysis of children’s shoes market of water-based synthetic leather

    Why the water-based synthetic leather is suitable for the children’s shoe market is based on two considerations 1. The domestic children’s shoes market is in a golden development perio……


    From now on, many places across the country demand that “oil to water” be fully completed

    In recent years, there have been waves of environmental protection inspections, and the country has issued a number of policies. Shenzhen, Jiangsu and other places have successively issued oil bans,……


    What is the difference between water-based synthetic leather and solvent synthetic leather

    What is the difference between water-based synthetic leather and solvent synthetic leather What is water-based synthetic leather? Water-based synthetic leather refers to the use of new water-based ……


    KAIYUE TECH has responded to the full set of equipment for “chemical testing” of waterborne PU materials

    In the trend of the environmental protection market, water-based PU materials are currently the most popular synthetic leather products. Because these technologies are new lightweight polymer materi……


    What is sustainable fashion? Why promote water-based leather? What do the major international brands do?

    With today’s “Sustainable Development” (Sustainable Development) as the goal of all mankind, the fashion industry has been pushed to the cusp, and the brand is gradually looking f……


    2020 water-based leather home decoration + interior decoration popular color outlook

    In this era of technological and social transformation, change continues to accelerate at a rapid pace. Environmental protection has become an indispensable topic in human life, and water-based leat……


    Analysis of water-based PU leather finishing method

    The ingredients of traditional synthetic leather finishing agents are mostly solvent-based, which has the characteristics of low cost and fast drying. Although traditional synthetic leather avoids h……


    Demand Analysis of Waterborne Leather Market

    At the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak seemed to press the pause button for the lives of people all over the world. People were isolated at home, students could not go to school, office workers……


    Brief introduction of several silicone additives commonly used in water-based leather

    Water-based environmentally friendly synthetic leather is a synthetic leather made of water-based polyurethane polymer materials. Water is used to replace toxic organic solvents. The production proc……


    Introduction of KAIYUE TECH Silicone Products

    Organosilicon, that is, organosilicon compound, refers to a compound containing Si-C bond, and at least one organic group is directly connected to the silicon atom, and it is customary to often use ……


    [Water-based PU leather] 20/21 autumn and winter men’s shoes Milan T station comprehensive analysis

    Water-based PU leather Water-based leather replaces organic solvents with water, does not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF, DOP, no pollution in the production process, zero emissions of dange……


    Will the Covid-19 awaken the fashion industry to use sustainable products?

    Bandana Tewari wrote: This blockade tells us that, besides the clean air, clean water, healthy food, and loved ones, there is too much waste and greed in our daily consumption. Bali, Indonesia-Wedne……


    The application of waterborne polyurethane resin

    The application of waterborne polyurethane resin to replace solvent-based products in various fields can be widely used in coatings, adhesives, fabric coating and finishing agents, water-based leath……


    2020 leather fabric popular color

    The?Covid-19 can’t stop the popularity of color. This sharing and the release of the Pantone Color Institute’s Autumn and Winter Fashion Color Report released in 2020/2021 London Winter ……


    Water-based PU leather-2021 spring and summer women bag element trend

    Water-based PU leather-2021 spring and summer women bag element trend Folds Wrinkle is one of the fastest and most effective ways to break the leveling, and the process is simple and easy to operat……


    This company has become a pioneer in the development of water-based microfiber companies! !!

    The development of artificial synthetic leather has been over half a century, from the first generation of PVC artificial leather to the second generation of PU synthetic leather and later the third……