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    Adidas Originals launches Sustainability series

    Symbiosis with the environment makes the planet better. In recent years, the trend pioneer Adidas Originals, while enhancing the technology and functionality of shoes, has continued to pay attentio……


    Luxury car manufacturer Bentley uses Vegan leather as the main material for car interiors

    Vegan leather made from grape skins and rice husks? Yes, Bentley said that in addition to the pursuit of electric, luxury car manufacturers like Bentley are meeting their customers’ demand for……


    『Givenchy』 ▏Water-based leather series dark floral print men bag

    “Givenchy” recently updated the spring and summer men’s water-based leather series bag, decorated with black and gray tone floral totem on the white nylon bag of the crossbody bag,……


    Waterborne microfiber polyurethane synthetic leather and preparation method

    What is waterborne microfiber synthetic leather? The following Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. will give you a brief understanding. The preparation method is based on the use ……


    Maintenance method of water-based synthetic leather

    Every fabric in the world has its specific attributes, such as silk, leather, satin and so on. Targeted maintenance and care are required to better maintain the style of the items. Huaian Kaiyue Tec……


    2021 Spring and Summer Women’s Shoes Theme Trend

    In the context of the fast-paced era, how to keep up with the changes, find your own position and show your own taste, and stand out in the workplace has become the focus. Workplace Creation Camp in……


    Detailed materials containing large amounts of formaldehyde in the decoration!

    According to the use of construction, decoration and furniture materials in our country, the country’s random inspection of indoor building materials found that materials with toxic gas pollut……


    2020H&M water-based leather products debut

    In 2020, H&M, which has always paid attention to environmental protection, launched water-based leather made of water-based polyurethane-H&M’s new Conscious series will feature vegan l……


    Market size and development prospect analysis of China’s waterborne polyurethane (PU) industry in 2020

    Polyurethane (PU) is called polyurethane, which is an organic polymer material synthesized by the reaction of polyisocyanate (OCN-R-NCO) and polyol (HO-R-OH). Because the molecular structure contain……


    【Water-based Leather】-Color Trend of 2021 Spring/Summer Women’s Bags

    Follow the design department of Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. to take a look at the latest color trends of women’s bags in spring and summer 2021     Summary……


    What is the core technology of waterborne microfiber?

    Historically, the development of artificial leather products has gone through three major stages: PVC, PU, and superfiber. Under the tide of environmental protection at home and abroad, PVC, PU, and……


    【Water-based leather 】Fall 2020 ready-to-wear Valentino

    Have you noticed how many fashion shows in Paris Fashion Week start with black leather from head to toe? It is as if the designers of this city have expected that when the coronavirus crisis escalat……


    【Water-based leather】 Fall and winter fashion trends in 2020

    Are you still worried about designing trendy clothes? Follow Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. to select the most popular clothing styles for autumn and winter in 2020. In the new decad……


    What is the EU standard DMF-free water-based clothing leather?

    Under the current proposition that “sustainable development” is the goal of all mankind, the fashion industry has been pushed to the cusp, and brands are gradually looking for “gre……


    2021 spring and summer popular color trends

    Recently, the authoritative color agency coloro cooperated with the global trend prediction agency WGSN to jointly launch the five key colors of spring and summer 2021. These five colors will affect……


    【Water-based leather】 Big data analysis of men’s shoes in the first quarter of 2020

    Ranking of brand views in the first quarter Judging from the number of men’s shoe brands TOP20 in the first quarter, the two major brands, Du Jiabanna and Philipp Plein, which were boycotted b……


    【Water-based leather】-20/21 autumn and winter women’s shoes single product trend

    Sweet tide military boots design ideas-20/21 autumn and winter women’s shoes single product trend The handsome and easy-going military boots directly hit the bullseye popular in autumn and win……


    Ministry of Environmental Protection: No need to apply for sewage permit for water-based home improvement

    The “List of Pollution Discharge Permits” clarifies the implementation of pollutant discharge in accordance with the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Air Pollution P……


    Come to the scene to participate in the feast of water-based technology!

    With the effective control of the domestic epidemic, the domestic economy is gradually recovering. In the months of the epidemic, all kinds of exhibitions and conferences have been suspended, so un……


    How to maintain water-based leather

    How to maintain water-based leather? The following are common types of water-based leather maintenance methods. 1. Coating skin: 90% of all kinds of skin have many problems when there is no surface ……